Baja Bob
  • Is it Safe to Visit Cabo San Lucas

      Yes, it is Safe to Visit Cabo San Lucas Actually, without a doubt, lets start with the #1 killer of Americans: doing nothing, getting fat, or depressed. Then, dying of heart disease (#1killer in US).  We also now have a huge spike in suicides and drug overdoses. Whatever it is, it is still better […]
  • Pesos or Dollars - How to Pay in Cabo

    How to Pay in Cabo So, you are in a store or restaurant and you are asked “do you want to pay in pesos or dollars.” What to do? First make sure you have a credit card that does not charge any currency exchange fees. These include most premium cards and also Capital One. If […]
  • Asi y Asado Has a New Location!

    Looks like Asi y Asado is expanding! They have a brand spanking new location across from the Cabo San Lucas Walmart, next to the Carwash. Wow – with parking! Looks bigger and better. Real chairs, although I kind of liked the charm of the plastic ones. Old location across the Hwy from Costo is staying […]
  • Best Online Sellers in Mexico

    Our List of Best Online Sellers in Mexico Here is a list of companies that online ship in or into Mexico: Amazon Prime Anthropologie Costco-Mexico Endless JCPenney Newport-News Nordstrom Old Navy Saks SteveMadden Urban Outfitters
  • FMM Tourist Card Policies

    FMM Tourist Card Policies The FMM is a document issued by Mexico’s (Instituto Nacional de Migración, usually refereed to as a tourist card or tourist “visa to U.S., Canadian and other nationalities for vacation purposes. All non-citizen or non-resident visitors to Mexico are required to obtain an FMM, regardless of the destination and length of […]