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Shopping in Cabo – The Lowdown

Cabo is not only a place of beaches, resorts, restaurants and bars. Cabo is one of the best beach, recreation, eating, drinking and, and yes, shopping destinations in the World! Designer stores. Flea markets. Souvenir shops. Mexican Local Handcrafts. Its all here to choose from.

For Mexican flair consider pottery, silver, and tequila.

Casa Bonita Furniture and Decor - Cabo San Lucas

Casa Bonita – Art, Accessories, Fine Furnishings

Both downtown San Jose del Cabo and downtown Todos Santos are known for their art shops.  During the high season, Thursday night is Art and Wine Night in downtown San Jose del Cabo. 

If you are looking for some Mexican stuff (“cositas”), head to Artesano’s. A huge selection with good prices. The goods are displayed warehouse style on multiple levels inside and out. Great selection of pottery, glass, art, pewter, copper, furniture, etc. They do not negotiate price here (a rarity, except at the Mall), because the prices are already as low as you can find anything in town. Also, on most Saturdays a women sells tamales in the front courtyard of Artesano’s that are very good. It is located on the right side of the corridor just out of town. Pull into the side parallel road as soon as you can after passing El Bordo/Hwy (the stoplight as you leave town before you get to Walmart) and pay attention because it comes up fast right after the overpass and does not have good signage. Look for an iron fence with fountains in the courtyard. Street parking only. Only open until 2:00pm, closed on Sundays.  For higher end Mexican art and pottery, try Casa Bonita on the Corridor.

For clothing, the mall off of the Marina is the best choice.

For tequila shopping, the best selection and good prices are at the stores in the mall near the fountain. Tip: Mescal (the stuff with the worm)is not tequila. To be called tequila, it must come from the tequila region of Mexico and be made from the Agave plant. There are three kinds of tequila: Plata (silver), Reposado (rested) and Añejo (aged). You probably have never noticed before, but all of the tequila bottles say this somewhere on them. Reposado is usually used for margaritas. Añejo is sipping tequila or for even more tasty margaritas. Reposado is aged in Oak around 6 months, Anejo is aged in Oak from 1 to 5 years. A good starter Añejo is Maestro for about $45.00 per bottle. A good mixer for margaritas is 1800 Respoaado or Añejo. Both are actually owned by Cuervo, but you will not find that on the labels. Some of the tequila bottles are also art. The vase in the niche in the Casa Vista Hermosa Bar is a large Classe Azul tequila bottle (empty, sorry to disappoint you).

For Cuban cigars, a good selection is to be found in the Plaza Mariachis, on Blvd Marina Cabo San Lucas, on the backside of Cabo Wabo.

The currency of Mexico is the Peso. In the high tourist areas of Los Cabos, you can pay with dollars and get change in dollars. US dollars are actually the main form of currency in the downtown of Cabo San Lucas, with prices usually listed in American dollars instead of Pesos. Many ATM machine dispense cash only in Pesos, not dollars. Some ATMs are very expensive to use, so try to use one at a bank that is affiliated with your bank. Banamex is affiliated with Bank of America, Santander is affiliated with Wells Fargo and Bannorte is affiliated with Citibank. Shops and restaurants accept credit cards as in the US. You should call before you come and tell your card company where you will be in Mexico and for how long. When paying by credit card, you should clearly write whether the amount is in dollars (“USD”) or pesos on the slip. When paying in dollars and getting change in Pesos, exchange rates tend to fluctuate from place to place. As with the rest of the world, a common tourist problem in Cabo is short changing of tourists. Most short changing occurs when you pay in dollars and getting change in Pesos. You may become a victim of nothing more than bad math. You can always ask for your change in dollars in advance.

Parking can be difficult in downtown Cabo San Lucas. There are a few public parking lots, most all for a fee. The mall has a large parking lots, access on Acuario. There is a municipal lot, the Plaza Alamar lot, on Francisco I Madero (a one way street) near the downtown square park.

Cabo Public Parking Map

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