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Mexican Phone Rules 

Local Dialing:
Los Cabos area code is 624. It includes Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. To dial land-to-land service within the Los Cabos area, dial the seven digit number on a local line. i.e., Edith’s would be 143-0801. Todos Santos and La Paz are in the 612 area code.

Dialing Mexican Phone Numbers from  a US Cell:  Dial 00 1 plus three digit area code, but sometimes just the three digit area code

Dialing US Phone Numbers from a US cell while in Mexico:  Dial 00 1 plus three digit area code or + plus three digit area code

Long Distance Dialing inside Mexico-Landlines:
From another city to Los Cabos dial 01 (624) and then the local number. Dialing long distance is similar to dialing long distance in the US and Canada, except you your dial 01 instead of 1 before an area code.

Calling From Outside Mexico to a Landline:
To Los Cabos: 011-52 (624) and phone number or +(624) then phone number.

National 020, International 092

Cell Calls:
Mexico Hardline to Mexico Cell, (624) then local number

Direct Dial International Calls:
Service Access Code then Country Codes then Area Code then local number

International Service Access 00
US/Canadian Country Code 1
To call US/Canada 00+1+Area Code+local number

From the US;
To a Mexican hard line: Dial 011 52 then the Mexican area code or + then the Mexican area code

Confused? Have a Corona and deal with it tomorrow.

Cabo Popular Restaurants

Sur Restaurant

(624) 143-1890 Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas[embedit snippet="adsense-responsive"]

5.0 1 review

Solomon's Landing Restaurant

Cabo San Lucas Restaurant and Bar, on the Marina

5.0 37 reviews
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