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Cabo Activities for the Family

Cabo San Lucas offers many family fun activities for you and your family to pick from. The combination of the weather and the ocean and desert vista views make Cabo San Lucas an amazing spot to take on any outdoor activity .

Regardless of your intensity level, age and financial situation there are endless possibilities for seeing Cabo San Lucas from a different point of view.

If you’re not the kind of person that is content with a relaxing vacation sipping margaritas and catching some rays, then either grab a group of friends/family or just go after it yourself and take Cabo San Lucas by the horns and ride it all the way in!

If you’re looking to get a glimpse of Cabo’s spectacular views try parasailing, hiking, zip lining and don’t forget about snorkeling! Having a need for speed? Try wakeboarding, ATV tours or skydiving! You’ll be getting that authentic Cabo San Lucas experience from a different perspective.

Cabo Windsurfing

This activity has picked up steam in Cabo San Lucas in recent years. Costa Azul is one of the nicest of spots for catching waves and generally peaks between the months of June-October. Los Barriles and Vela Baja have also been acclaimed to have great conditions, which is about 45 miles north of the Cabo San Lucas airport. Strong winds pick up the Sea of Cortez providing excellent conditions from November- March.

Cabo Zipline/Bungee Jumping

These two extreme activities have grown increasingly popular in the beautiful Cabo San Lucas in recent years. This adventure destination is known for the longest and fastest thrill seeking zip line in all of Mexico reaching speeds up of to 60 mph and has been said to be one of the nicest in the world! Rest assured though, safety always comes first and therefore countless security measures are kept in place such as equipment inspections and staffing qualifications. Size, weight and age are also taken into consideration where a criterion has to be met prior to partaking on this exciting experience.

Cabo ATV Tours

These all terrain vehicles are available in many different spots in Cabo San Lucas and give you the chance to cruise the private beaches, sand dunes, canyons, mountains as well as desert vistas. On an ATV tour, you’ll have the option to go in small groups or be a part of a larger public group where you can choose between sunrise, midday or sunset tours. Tours are available for any and all experience levels whether you’re looking to cruise and enjoy the views or you’re looking to get an adrenaline fix.

Cabo SurfingSurfing in Cabo - Family Fun in Cabo

Surfing in Los Cabos has become vastly popular probably due to the beautiful scenery, warm waters and limited crowds (at least for the sake of catching waves). East Cape, Costa Azul and northwest of Cabo San Lucas all are prime spots in each of their own right, depending on what you’re looking for in a ride. Cabo has been a surfing spot since the early 1950’s by travelers along with locals. Although the summer months (generally from June-August) tend to have the best surf, the crowds are generally more consistent as well. However, the winter months (December-February) bring out the tourist crowds as hundreds of people try and escape their harsh local conditions for a glimpse of the other side. Everything considered, just make sure to keep track of the conditions prior to arrival (especially if this is your motive to vacation) and keep in mind that late August, early September is hurricane season! Also, given the season, it may or may not require different equipment (board and wetsuit alike), so make sure you’re preparing for this ahead of time.

Cabo Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is one of the top activities for most vacationers. Come prepared to get wet and enjoy some thrill seeking fun in the sun! Get a glimpse of Lands End, make a stop on Lovers Beach or catch some wakes! These are constantly at the shore front waiting for you to ride and don’t cost too much considering what you’d spend (generally $50-80 per hour) anywhere else. Mango Deck on Medano Beach is known for always having these readily available to use.

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