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The many white sand beaches of Los Cabos area offer beauty, and options galore. Cabo is the perfect place to escape and forget the real world. From peace and quiet to boisterous bars, there is something to do for everyone.

All beaches in Mexico are public, but access may sometimes only be available through private property.

Not all beaches in the Los Cabos area are swimable, even if they look inviting. Swimming off of the beaches on the Pacific side in the lower parts of Baja California, in particular, is not recommenced due to strong sea currents.

Medano Beach – Playa El Médano

Medano Beach is the closest beach to downtown Cabo San Lucas and the Marina, reachable by a short walk. Medano Beach is several miles long, with a view of Land’s end from every location on the beach. Near town, this swimable beach is peppered with restaurants, bars, beach activity and rentals, as well as vendors. Here, you can eat, drink, jet ski, banana boat, and choose among many other water sports or rentals. Most of the outdoor restaurants have beach lounge chairs for your use with beach side food and beverage service (you will need to buy from them). There are also lots of walking vendors selling their wares on this beach, everything from jewelry, T-shirts, blankets, temporary tattoos, and hair braiding. You can pick up lots of souvenirs to take home. However, these vendors can be pesky at times.

This beach is lots of fun and part of the Cabo entertainment scene, but if you are looking for peace and quiet, you will need to move further down the beach and away from the entertainment area, or use other beaches.

Solmar Beach – Playa Solmar

Solmar Beach is located along the Pacific side of the Marina, next to the Finisterra and Playa Solmar Hotels. This beach offers incredible views and some privacy as the access is gained through the Solmar Suites Hotel. Swimming is not an recommended here, beach goers are strongly recommended to stay away from the shoreline as the currents have been known to drag those that venture close.

Lovers-Beach - Cabo-San-LucasLover’s Beach – Playa Del Amor

This beach is located adjacent to Land’s End, with beachfront on both the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Side. Like Land’s End, Lover’s Beach is visible from the restaurants and bars on Medano Beach. To access the beach, take a water taxi from Medano Beach or the Marina. Here you can snorkle, jet ski, swim, sun and look at the amazing rock formations. Be aware that swimming is only recommeded on the Sea of Cortez side, as the other side is the strong Pacific Ocean current. During the winter months, you can see the whales go by. This beach is world known, at the tip of the baja, known as Lands End. Vendors are there most of the time selling trinkets, soft drinks beer and water. Bring your snorkle. A must while in Cabo.

View of Arches Beach – Playa Vista Del Arcos

This beach is down the corridor, off Hwy 1at KM5, lies a good place to check out the tide pools. Be careful about swimming, it is not recommended. Great views, take your camera

Whale’s Head Beach – Playa Cabeza De Ballena

This beach is down the corridor at KM 8, near the lighthouse and the Calinda Hotel. This beach is safe for swimming and known for great snorkeling.

Palmilla Point – Punta Palmilla

Punta Palmilla Beach is located near San Jose del Cabo, at KM 27. At the Palmilla, there is a long wide bay with good swimming and snorkeling. There are no facilities other than Palapas for shade. Pack a lunch and don’t forget your sunscreen. Relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the scenery, and watch the fishing boats as they return at the end of the day. Located through the Palmilla exit, follow the signs to the beach.

Horse Riding on Cabo San Lucas beachShipwreck Beach – Playa Barco Varado

At KM 9 off the highway, lies a great beach for swimming, snorkeling and surf fishing. Enjoy the tide pools. If you are a diver, this could be the spot for you. This beach is safe to swim, but it is not recommended during times when the sea is rough.

Widow’s Beach/Twin Dolphin Beach – Playa Las Viudas

Off the highway at KM11 lies Widows Beach, if you want seclusion this is your spot. Enjoy swimming while enjoying tide pools and beautiful volcanic rock formations. Lots of coves for exploring, don’t forget your sunscreen, and camera.

Santa Maria Bay Beach – Playa Bahia Santa Maria

This is the beach to take beautiful pictures. On Highway 1 at KM 11.5 lies a horseshoe shaped beach with all the beauty this land has to offer. Part of a marine sanctuary, enjoy snorkeling with a myriad of tropical fish. Bring some bread to feed the fish, but do not fish here as it is a marine sanctuary. Take lots of pictures. Vendors sometimes venture out here, but pack what you need to enjoy an incredible day. Check out the pink colored sand.

Chilean Bay Beach – Playa Bahia Chileno

Are you a diver? Look for the dive flat on the highway at KM 14, this marks the parking entrance where you can dive, snorkel, and kayak. A marine sanctuary that houses several reefs that run parallel to the beach sport about 80 different species of marine life. Some have spotted sea turtles. Restrooms and showers are available as well as shaded places to relax in the sun. Weekends are more crowded than week days. Best time to snorkel and dive is early morning, less crowds, calm waters. Great for families

Tequila Cove – Playa Bledito

Tequila Cove is located on the corridor, in front of the Melia Cabo Real and Hilton Hotels lies Tequila Cove. A man made breakwater that is safe for water sports and swimming. Equipment rentals are available. Many palapas adorning the beach for shade the easiest access to this beach is through the Melia at KM 19.5.

Blue Coast Beach – Playa Costa Azul

If you are a surfer you have found your spot. World famous Zippers and La Roca surf breaks are located here. Surfing competitions take place here. Costa Azul Surf Shop has everything a surfer needs, including lessons. Restaurants and convienience stores are close by. Palapas adorn the beach for those that want shade and the easiest access to this beach is through the Melia at KM 19.5. Risky for casual swimmers and not recommended.

Hotel Beach – Playa Hotelera

Surf fishing, beach volleyball and horseback riding make this beach a popular destination. Not recommended for swimming, however. Located east of the San Jose Estuary, rainforest like growth and tropical birds adorn this location. Located on Hotel row in San Jose del Cabo, access is through any of the restaurants or hotels.

Cabo BeachOld Man’s Beach – Playa Acapulquito

Playa Acapulquito is located just off Highway 1, at lookout KM 27.5. This small beach has a surf school and restaurant and the local surf crowd. When the seas are calm, swimming is okay.

Pedregal Beach – Playa Pedregal

The Pedregal Beach is located on the Pacific Side of Land’s End, but access from the other beaches there is cut off by a protruding cliff into the ocean. Access may be gained through the Pedregal gated community or by walking down from the Sunset Beach resort, so this beach is very private. A perfect place to set up a folding chair and read a book, as 10 people at one time is a busy day for this beach. It is a very wide white sand beach with a number of beautiful rock formations. This beach is known for beautiful sunsets. Swimming is not recommended here.

The Pedregal Beach is overlooked by Casa Vista Hermosa, and the decks and rooms of the villa all provide an outstanding sunset view.

Pacific Coast Beaches

There are a number of beaches accessible off of Highway 9, between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos. As you head north on Highway 9, there will be a number of dirt roads to your left, but unfortunately many will lead you only to a gate.

Some of the accessible Pacific Coast Baja beaches include Cota Well Beach (Playa Pozo Cota), Small Hill Beach (Playa Los Cerritos), Playa Migrino, and Wolves Point Beach (Playa Los Lobos). All are known for beautiful sunsets.

Small Hill Beach is the only beach recommended for casual swimming along this stretch, and is a well known surfing spot. There is a surf shop here and the Los Cerritos Beach Club serves food and drink. The turnoff is at KM 65.

Wolves Point Beach is the nearest beach to Todos Santos, home to fisherman and some surfers. It is also home to seals and sea lions, hence the “wolves” title. The turnoff is south of Todos Santos at KM 54. This beach can be swimable depending on the currents.

Cota Well Beach is close to Cabo San Lucas at KM 105/104. Horse rentals are available here, but this beach is not swimable.

Acapulquito Beach
Blue Coast Beach-Zippers
Cabo Pulmo Marine Park
Swim, Snorkel
Chileno Beach
Swim, Snorkel
Costa Azul
Divorce Beach
La Fortuna Beach
Las Barracus
Las Palmas Beach
Los Cerritos Beach
Swim, Surf, Beach Club
Lovers Beach
Swim, Beach Activities
Medano Beach
Swim, Beach Activities, Bars, Restaurants
Nine Palms
Surf, Windsurf
Palmilla Point
Swim, Snorkel
Pedregal Beach
San Pedrito Beach
Swim, Surf
Santa Maria Beach
Swim, Snorkel
Solmar Beach

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