Baja Bob
  • Is it Dangerous to Visit Cabo?

    So you are visiting or taking up residence in Cabo. Inevitably, you will hear some version of “it is dangerous there” or “aren’t you worried about the violence” Shedding some light: The US State Department has issued a travel warning of “Reconsider Travel To” for “Baja California.” This actually refers to the State of Baja […]
  • So Just What Can You Bring to Mexico as a Traveler?

    What Can You Bring into Mexico? The full list of allowable items you can bring into Mexico as a traveler is listed on the customs entry form. In general, a visitor can bring into Mexico per person: Goods for personal use, such as clothing, footwear and toiletries and beauty products, provided that they are in […]
  • Music Does Cabo - Songwriters in Paradise Cabo

    Sixth Annual Songwriters in Paradise Cabo Returns November 30 – December 3, 2022. Songwriters in Paradise is returning with its   the sixth annual Annual Songwriters in Paradise Cabo, November 30 – December 3, 2022. Venues include Bar Esquina, Bahia Hotel, Sur Beach House and . This year’s  talent’s are expected to include  Jedd Hughes (Patty […]