Cabo Area Mask Update

The  state government of Southern Baja has eliminated of the mandatory use of face masks in open spaces.  Masks are  still mandatory in closed areas including enclosed restaurants and bars. 

Viva La Plaza Art Walk Returns

Yes, the Art Walk is back in Cabo San Lucas on Friday nights. Located in around the Amelia Wilkes Plaza across from the Mi Casa restaurant, you can find art and music.  As some of the streets are blo

Longer Wait Times Expected at US border

Starting on August 22nd, under new COVID-19 protocols, there will be additional lane closures and customs inspections. The new measures may increase wait times at ports of en


Mexican residents do not have to pay the Mexican tourist tax

Top 3 Things to do in Cabo

1. A Day at Medano Beach. Medano Beach is one of the two hubs of activity in Cabo San Lucas - the other being downtown. Medano Beach has a wonder view of the Arc, with an abundance

Los Cabos is Listed as Level 2 by US State Department - The Same as Most of Europe

The US State Department, under its new, four-tier travel advisory system (level 4 the worst), has listed Los Cabos is as Level 2 – “Exercise Increased Caution.” This is the same level assigned t

Is it Safe to Visit Cabo San Lucas

 Yes, it is Safe to Visit Cabo San LucasActually, without a doubt, lets start with the #1 killer of Americans: doing nothing, getting f

Buying Gas for your car in Mexico

How to go about buying Gas for your car in Mexico?There are two types of Gasoline to buy in Mexico: Magna, regular and Premium. Slang is often used to order gasoline, Magna is referred to a

Cabo Advisory

This is so true:A Gringo in Mexico’s 10 Travel Warning

The Year in Review - Hurricane Odile Damage Photos

Hurricane Odile Damage Photos[wonderplugin_gallery id="10"]

Happy New Year

My 2015 resolution is for everyone else to gain the 25 pounds I can't lose, so that we are all equal.Happy New Year! 

Heard around Cabo

Cabo Sayings:Here is a couple of sayings I hear around Cabo quite a bit:"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  What happens in Cabo, never happened."Here is another,"Don't tell Mom