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Man at Beach with Computer - Free Spaninish Translaiton made easy while in Cabo

Spanish in Cabo

With some exceptions, English is spoken in the tourist areas of Los Cabos by most, including in the downtown shops and restaurants. Even so learning a little Spanish can be fun and useful. There are many good CDs available providing useful Spanish. Watch out, however, as Spanish on CDs is often European Spanish, not Mexican Spanish. It is mostly the same but some words are different and certainly the idioms. By way of example, the words used in Spain for waiter and swimming pool are different than those used in Mexico. Also, be careful when attempting direct translations from a dictionary. It might be “hard” to learn Spanish, but did you really mean “difficult?” Translate “hard” and you might be having a conversation about a rock!


Useful Words and Phrases

English Spanish Pronunciation
One uno OO noh
Two dos dohs
Three tres trays
Four cuatro kwah troh
Five cinco seen koh
Six seis sayees
Seven siete seeay tay
Eight ocho oh tchoh
Nine nueve nway bay
Ten diez deeays
Yes see
No no noh
Please por favor por fah fOR
Thank you gracias grah see ahs
You’re Welcome de nada day nah thah
No, thank you no, gracias noh, nrah see ahs
Good bye Adiós Ah dee ohs
Hello/Hi hola oh lah
Good morning Buenos días bweh nohs dee ahs
Good afternoon Buenas tardes bweh nahs tahr days
Good evening Buenas noches bweh nahs noh tchays
How are you? Cómo está? Koh moh ays tah
Fine, thank you. Bien, gracias bee ayn grah see ahs
Very good, thank you Muy bien, gracias bee ayn grah see ahs
Good-bye Adios Addi-ohs
See you later hasta luego ahs tah lway goh
I don’t understand no entiendo. Noh ayn teeayn doh
Who? ¿quién? keeayn
What? ¿qué? kay
Where? Donde? Dohn day ays tah
When? ¿Cuando? Kwahn doh
However: if you want to know “at what time?” you say, ¿A que hora? Ah kay oh rah
Why? ¿por qué? pohr kay
Can you help me? ¿Puede ayudarme? Pway day ah yoo dahr may
What time is it ¿Qué hora es? Kay Oh rah Ays
I (don’t) like it (No) me gusta (Noh) may GOOS tah
I don’t know No sé NOH say
I need necesito nay say SEE toh
I’m hungry Tengo hambre TAYN goh AHM bray
I’m thirsty Tengo sed TEHN goh sayd
I’m tired estoy cansado ays TOY kahn SAH thoh
I’m ready estoy listo / lista ays TOY LEES toh / LEES tah
Right now ahora mismo ah OH rah MEES moh
Just a minute un momento oon mo MAYN toh
Come in! entre / pase EHN tray / PAH say
It’s cheap es barato ays bah RAH toh
It’s expensive es caro ays KAH roh
It’s cold (weather) hace frío AH say FREE oh
It’s hot (weather) hace calor AH say kah LOHR
I’m hot (temperature) tengo calor TAYN goh kah LOHR
I’m cold tengo frío TAYN goh FREE oh
A little un poco oon POH koh
A lot mucho MOO cho
Some unos / unas OO nohs / OO nahs
Tomorrow mañana mahn YAH nah
Morning a mañana lah mahn YAHN ah
Afternoon la tarde l ah TAHR thay
evening / night la noche lah NOH tchay
Next week la semana próxima lah say MAH nah PROHK see mah
Waiter / waitress mesero / mesera may SAY roh / may SAY rah
I want / I’d like quiero / quisiera KEYAY roH / key SEEAY rah
The bill please La cuenta, por favor lah KWAYN tah, pohr fah BOHR
Breakfast desayuno day sah YOO noh
Lunch almuerzo / comida Ahl MWAYR soh / koh MEE dah
Dinner (at night) cena SAY nah
Knife cuchillo koo TCHEE yoh
Fork tenedor tay nay THOHR
Spoon cuchara koo TCHAH rah
Tea te tay
Black coffee café negro kah FAY nay groh
Coffee with milk café con leche kah FAY kohn LAY tchay
Milk leche LAY tchay
Ice hielo EEAY loh
Mineral water agua mineral AH gwah mee nay RAHL
Wine vino VEE noh
Beer cerveza sayr BAY sah
White wine vino blanco VEE noh BLAHN koh
Red wine vino tinto VEE noh TEEN toh
Lemonade limonada lee moh NAH dah
Juice jugo HOO goh
Egg huevo WAY boh
Scrambled eggs huevos revueltos WAY bohs reh BWAYL tohs
Cheese queso KAY soh
Butter mantequilla mahn tay KEE yah
Bread pan pahn
Fruit fruta FROO tah
Salt sal sahl
Pepper (black) pimienta negra pee MEEAYN tah NAH grah
Sugar azúcar Ah SOO kahr
Fish pescado pehs KAH thoh
Salad ensalada ayn sah LAH thah
Soup sopa SOH pah
Dessert postre POHS tray
Ice cream nieve / helado NEEAY bay / ay LAH thoh
The Bathroom el baño ayl BAHN yoh
The Swimming Pool l a alberca
Open abierto ah BEEAYR toh
Closed cerrado say RAH thoh
Bed cama KAH mah
Towel toalla toh AH yah
Soap jabón hah BOHN
Pillow almohada ahl moh AH thah
Shower la ducha / el baño lah DHOO tchah / ayl BAHN yoh
Iron plancha PLAHN tchah
Hair dryer secador de pelo say kah DOHR day PAY loh
There are no towels no hay toallas noh eye toh AH yahs
I have a problem tengo problema TAYN goh pro BLAY mah
straight ahead derecho day RAY tchoh
right la derecha ah day RAY tchoh
left la izquierda lah ees KEEAYR dah