Review – Rumuri, Cabo San Lucas

Review - Rumuri, Cabo San Lucas

Baja Bob’s Review – Ramuri, Cabo San Lucas


As Ramuri is owned by Edith of “Edith’s” and “the Office,” expectations are high. I have been to Ramuri four or five times since it opened. That I have been back is a good sign. The Restaurant is very clean inside and out. Very modern, well laid out interior and upstairs outside seating. Ambiance is A. Have always been met at the door with no delay and seated. Have always been met with a server without delay, once seated. If you want to taste a beer, it is offered and brought quickly. So service is A+. I am a beer drinker, and the craft beer has always been very good. So beer is A+. That is the main reason I have returned. My wife is not a beer drinker so the food and wine are more important to her. The wine list is limited. So wine list is C-. The food, has been mostly good, sometimes average. Salads are very good. Seems like the menu has been adjusted a few times to try to get the mix right for a high end brewery. A good mix of casual food and dinner plates. Better than other breweries I have been in, but it is not the Office or Edith’s, and is probably not supposed to be. Food is a solid B.