Hurricane Update-Leslie’s Story

Hurricane Update-Leslie's Story

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This from Leslie Roberts:

Well thank you to all of you that messaged, emailed and called me. I am fine, I just got home. Can’t wait to really sleep and take a really good shower. Also, ice, my new best friend. Guess the gravity of it all has just sunk in. While it was scary I wasn’t really scared. But being home in the comfort of my home reality has sunk in. Odile hit us at a category 4 straight on, when it hit land it downgraded to a Cat 3,, we got it on the front end, then the eye which apparently was full of mini tornados ( whatever a mini is, I thought a tornado was a tornado) the eye was so calm so creepy and eerie, then we got hit on the backend which was worse.   168 mph was clocked by my neighbors weather instruments before it got blown away.   Mattresses were blown out of windows along with whatever was in the rooms, literally mattresses,,,, anyone that had a garage door they are now crumpled as if they were slinkys. Front doors sucked out,,,, it was surreal. I guess I can now check off Category 4 hurricane off my bucket list.

I have to thank and I mean thank the airlines, american, alaska, southwest, us airways, air tran, volaris to name a few they started bringing in humanitarian aid and took anyone who wanted to leave to a US destination. There were 3 lines when we got to the airport yesterday, american, mexican nationals and canadians. The lines were at least a mile long. Some waited 5-8 hours before even knowing what was happening. When you finally got to the front of the line, they hurried you into another line and walked you onto the tarmac to an airline. We were offered Dallas, we took it, when we got to the ramp they said that they had only room for 1 more, but they could put us on the phoenix flight. Kathy Antrim and I took phoenix, our friend went onto Dallas. When we got on the plane, the flight attendants, all volunteers, fed us, gave us water a blanket and pillow. When we arrived in Phoenix we were given hotel and food vouchers and put on the next available flight to our destination of choice, all free of charge. All the airlines pulled together to help. I can not say enough about US Airways, It was incredible. The airport is not taken over by the US Military as some were told. It is under Mexican gov’t control. The US apparently, not confirmed, brought in portable towers, but the tower seemed to be in tact. The new terminal was all glass, and beautiful, all the glass is gone and the inside is demolished, but the structure is fine and the ramps to board the planes are all still there and fine. I I could not see the roof.  The older terminals seemed to be okay but there were a lot of private planes upside down. The runways were perfect. All good. The lines for gasoline were reminiscent of the 80’s when we were in a gas shortage, lines miles long for only 2 litres of gas.

Now to Cabo. Cabo needs help, I was lucky, while my house has damage outside, my windows are there, others lost windows, doors, homes demolished. The military came in with a plan, and it is working. They really seem to know what they are doing and just the presence deters the looting. People panic, when you don’t know if there will be food, water or supplies they loot. So many people were not so lucky. They lost everything. It was unreal. It is heartbreaking.

I have to mention and thank Dawn and Brian Solomon, who own Solomons Landing in Cabo, they fed us, their employees and anyone who needed it. Wayne Friedling and Fred Faltersack opened their home to us so that we could all be together. He had a generator that he would put on for a few hours a day so that we could charge our devices when the cell sites came back on. They had 2 other homes that were occupied by renters and welcomed them into their home for shelter and food. We all pooled together what food and water we had and when we could take a 2 minute shower we did. Water is an issue as no power to run the pump to pump water into our reserve tanks. The devastation in San Jose Del Cabo seems to have been the same as Cabo San Lucas. The red cross is there too. We all see these pictures of destruction in other parts of our country and the world and we feel bad and do what we can, but until you actually go through it, our understanding of it all, is inexplainable. My heart hurts for those that have lost everything. I am hoping that is true as we were unable to hear any news, just what we saw.

There are many sites to help restore Cabo, it is the best vacation spot and will be again soon. If anyone wants to donate, for those that are fisherman the site is they have set up an aid site.

the red cross of course, there are numerous sites on, not sure how that works, so be careful.

Keep Cabo in your thoughts.