Hurricane Odile Update-Good News

Hurricane Odile Update-Good News

From Gary Wagner owner of the Giggling Marlin:
Update and it’s good news;
Tropical Storm Polo is at about 45 mph and is going west of Cabo

The major stores in the area are receiving masses amounts of inventory and will begin public sales by Tuesday. We were told that they will be able to take Debit Cards for the sale of the stores products, and that they will have the Electricity to operate their cash registers.

This coming Monday Electrical power will be restored to about 40% of the town and the rest by the following Wednesday

Heavy Equipment will begin cleaning the Roadways on Monday

Most of the businesses including mine have rallied their employees to help clean their workplace and the municipal area round their workplace starting Monday. Any employee that suffered extreme damage to their personal home can continue digging out and can expect additional help in the days to come to get them back on their feet.

The Mexican Government both Local, State and Federal have done a great job during this horrible event. Except for the looting which (extreme low point) is now under control the Government has reacted quickly. Many of the Looters have been photographed and videoed, and it was reported that they will be prosecuted and jailed. We will certainly recommend that people that took Milk, Diapers, Water and other essentials to live will receive minimum sentences (probation) and the Thieves that took Alcohol, Flat Screens, Cigarettes, Appliances and other non-essentials be given the maximum sentences.

Usually after one of these Storms Sport Fishing is awesome

Please Continue your Prayers for the people of Baja Sur