FMM Tourist Card Policies

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FMM Tourist Card Policies
The FMM is a document issued by Mexico’s (Instituto Nacional de Migración, usually refereed to as a tourist card or tourist “visa to U.S., Canadian and other nationalities for vacation purposes.
All non-citizen or non-resident visitors to Mexico are required to obtain an FMM, regardless of the destination and length of stay.
Once issued, the same FMM may be used to enter and exit multiple times through any land border crossing into Baja California. An FMM is issued for 180 days, and may be used to cross back and forth an unlimited number of times during that 180 ay period. However, the FMM may not be reused at points of entry outside of Baja California, nor can it be reused for air travel.
The FMM does not have to be returned when leaving Baja California by land.
A new FMM may be issued consecutively after one expires.

FMM – Pedestrian Policies: Visitors walking into Baja are now required to have their passport or passport card and are asked to fill out the FMM and pay the fee if necessary.

FMM – Driving Policies: Visitors driving vehicles into Baja California will not be asked to stop and complete an FMM, however the FMM is still required by law once you cross into Mexico, to be obtained from a INM office.

October 21, 2015