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FAGS Post it - FAQs about Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos

Where are the Golf Courses in Los Cabos?

Golf Courses in Los Cabos are located in three general areas. Most of the Golf Courses are located on the “Corridor,” the 20+ miles highway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. A few of the courses are located on “the Pacific Side,” meaning on the Pacific side and to the west of Cabo San Lucas. A few are located in San Jose del Cabo.

Do I need a tee time or can I walk up?

That depends a lot on the season and time of day. Also, wedding parties and cruise ships can greatly impact play for blocks of time. In general, tees times are most difficult to obtain early am because that is when cruise ship times are booked, as well as persons seeking to avoid the heat in the middle of the day. Rates tend to go down later in the day. It is best to reserve a tee time in advance.

Are rental clubs available?

All of the Los Cabos public courses offer golf rentals.

What is the dress code for the Los Cabos golf courses?

It is more casual than US country club golf, so cargo shorts are usually allowed, but you should have a collared shirt and no jeans.

Is there a cart fee in addition to the stated greens fee?

The courses do not add a cart fee in addition to a player’s fee.

Can I walk?

Most of the courses stretch way too long to walk. The Mayan is an exception.

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