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“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens in Cabo, never happened.

Ahh… a Cabo Bachelor Party…

Here is your Cabo San Lucas Bachelor Party Guide…

Cabo San Lucas has become a popular location for bachelor parties due to its great location and wide variety of options. Simply put, you can be a crazy as you want to be at a Bachelor Party in Cabo San Lucas–or not, and in a great setting.  It’s the same concept as a destination wedding, but without the wedding – just the guys – and just the party.

Drinking, tequila shots, Cuban cigar smoking,  gambling, and  strippers, are pretty much an expected part of a Cabo bachelor party. Well maybe, more tequila shots…  Bear in mind, though, that a Cabo Bachelor Party (“better called a “Cabo Bachelor Event”) can last for days.  So buck up.

Some Cabo Bachelor Party Ideas – Things to Do

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Extreme Sports

Water Sports



Planning the Cabo Bachelor Party

Splash Cabaret and Gentlemen's Club - Cabo San Lucas

Splash Cabaret and Gentlemen’s Club

The bachelor party planner is traditionally the best man, but it can also be handled by someone else. There are many good bachelor party planners and talent providers, such  available in Cabo San Lucas.

It is highly recommended that the planned activities be vetted by the groom in advance. Maybe the groom would rather skip the strip club. Or maybe the groom has no limits at all!

The Invitees

All the guys in the wedding party get an invite, plus other close friends and family.

Okay, so you are going to a bachelor party……and your girlfriend/wife is upset with the idea of strippers.


  • It’s harmless, innocent fun.
  • Everyone does this. It’s a sacred male rite. It’s a part of every bachelor party.
  • It’s really more for my friends.
  • I’lI look like a total wuss if I am the only guy that can’t go. I will get harassed by my friends for the rest of my life!


  • You don’t love me.
  • You don’t care about my feelings.
  • I don’t trust you. Even more, I don’t trust your friends.
  • I don’t need a reason. I intend to make your life miserable if you do this!

First, remember, you can’t reason this out with her.

The good news is that most women have never seen strippers in real life. What they know they got from television or their friends – and their friends have never seen a stripper in real life either. Many of them think that the strippers are only on poles away from the men wearing underwear, just like what they see on TV.

So what to do? Make sure there is a bachelorette party and that she is invited.  It will be harder for her to complain.  Tell her you don’t want to do it, but you have no choice but to be there. You have to go, just like she has to go to the wedding. Then promise you will not touch any strippers and will leave early when its time for strippers.  If you believe it when you say it–it is not a lie.  Do not tell her anything more than she already may know about strippers. Validate nothing.  Of course, buy her something.  Remember  “Ask me no questions, and I will tell you no lies.’

If that does not work, consider being harassed for the rest of your life by your friends.


The Cabo Bachelor Party should be set to occur well before the wedding. The closer to the wedding, the more likely the groom will be busy with wedding details, and also, two big events in a row is a lot to ask of the guests. It is a good idea to vet the dates with the core group expected to attend. Plus as collection of the costs can sometimes be a problem, it allows time for that to resolve!

Cabo Bachelor Party Venues-Places to Stay

First, you have to find to place to stay for your bachelor party in Cabo San Lucas. Do not assume you will be welcome. Most Los Cabos accommodations do not want bachelor party groups. Do not mislead them unless you want to be harassed during your stay, and even possibly locked out. The good news is that there are a number of places that accept bachelor party groups, so best to find one of those. Villas that are bachelor party friendly include Casa W, Villa Clara Vista, Casa Theodore, and Villa Descano.  Hotels that are bachelor party friendly include the ME and the Rui.  If you do decide to stay under the radar, common misdirection includes “Corporate Retreat” or “Golf Trip” or “Fishing Trip.”

Cabo Bachelor Party Venues-Events and Parties

The range of things to do during a Cabo Bachelor Party is wide ranging, which a reason Cabo San Lucas is a popular bachelor party venue. The larger the group, the better it is to reserve event locations in advance. Fishing is usually expected. If there are golfers, golf is usually expected. A bar crawl is expected. Nightlife activities usually involve at least one strip club.  Splash is a good choice. Bar crawl favorites include Slim’s Elbow Room, Rips, Giggling Marlin, Happy Ending, Nowhere Bar, Pink Kitty and El Squid Roe.  Tip: Start the Bar Crawl with shots at Slims.  All of the strip clubs are located within a couple of blocks of each other in down town Cabo San Lucas, with the center across the street form the Giggling Marlin (Cabaret is a couple of blocks further down on the main drag). Note that you are in Mexico, so there are virtually no limits on what type of late night entertainment is available.

Chances are, your Cabo San Lucas Bachelor Party guests will be drinking, may go their own way at times, and that the bigger the group the harder it is to find transportation at the last minute. Consider transportation issues in advance. Cabs are plentiful in downtown Cabo San Lucas at several points, including in front the Giggling Marlin (how convenient).


Everyone is expected to contribute money on the cost, so try to figure out the shared items are likely to cost in advance and begin collecting early. Take the guests’ budgets into account in planning.  Consider using Tricount to keep track of expenses.

*This, of course, IS A JOKE!!!  Women are not in anyway restricted from using this website, nor this page.We do not discriminate against women, even those that do not have sense of humor.

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