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Los Cabos International Airport

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(624) 146-5111 Carretera Transpeninsular KM. 43.5, Aeropuerto, 23420 San José del Cabo

Los Cabo Airport



bajabob4 Baja Bob says

After you retrieve your luggage, you may have to pass your luggage through a scanner. One person in your group will also push a button (it looks like the walk/don’t walk button). If it is green, you keep going. If it is red, your baggage will be searched.

After customs, you will be met by a hoard of persons trying to set up time share presentations. At the main terminal, Terminal 2, the time share people are in the first two rooms of persons after customs. They look official and will tell you anything to get you to stop. Some might even tell you that you must stop and show them your passport or travel papers. You do not have to. Some may ask you where you are going or what your travel arrangements from the airport are. No matter how you answer, they will tell you they have the person that does that. Some will tell you that your are going the wrong way. You are not. There is a long list of creative gambits. Unless you want to be set up for a time share presentation, ignore (politely) all of them until you get all of the way outside or to the taxi stand at the end of the second room. Once at the end of the second room, there is a taxi counter, or once outside, there will be another hoard of persons, now the right hoard. All the real travel persons are there, usually with signs or shirt tags. If you use the taxi counter inside, the rate is a set rate. Outside, the taxi rate is negotiable. In the lesser used Terminal1, there are two exits, one to the left and one to the right. You want the one to the right for a cab or car rental. Most of the Cabs use the toll road and pay the toll for you. Some don’t. Make sure in advance that the Cab will be taking the toll road and confirm who is going to pay the toll (its not much though). The toll road is clean, smooth, and the fastest route. If you plan on stopping at a grocery store along the way, address this also with the arranger at this time. Usually it is not any extra, and handled by way of a tip.

All of the major car rental companies are at the airport. Representatives of the car rental companies are inside at the marked counters or outside the exit door with shirts or signs, and there are also desks in the luggage area (again, the time share arrangers will tell you they are with the rental companies, so look for marked signs or shirts). All of the car rental companies use a shuttle, so the best thing to do is go all of the way outside and find a representative with a hand held sign or watch for the shuttle itself). If you are renting a car, you will want to take the toll road as you leave the airport, so ask where the entrance to the toll road is from the airport before you leave the rental company office. The toll is about $2.00 to $3.00 US , depending on the exchange rate. The toll takers will take US dollars, up to a $20. Tip: the police use radar on the toll road. It is a major speed trap, so do not speed. Ignore the cars that tailgate you, they will eventually pass.

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