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El Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant

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(624) 211 9476  Calle Sin Nombre SN, Rancho San Angel, 23454 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

El Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant – Cabo San Lucas


El Huetro Farm to TableEl Huetro Farm to TableEl Huetro Farm to TableEl Huetro Farm to Table


El Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant is located near downtown
Landscapes, gardens, orchards and fruit trees surround the restaurant.


Breakfast and dinner menus change and adapt to produce growing seasons and what is being currently harvested on site.

A concept grown from the passion for farming and great cuisine that embraces the seasonal changes of our local harvests to create a dining experience directly tied to Organic and sustainable farming.

About the Farm
With more than 1.8 hectares of sown land, 78 varieties of vegetables and more than 10 kinds of fruit trees, we have a compromise to respect the health of the land, its wildlife, our farm crew, our community and customers.

Sustainable And Ecological Project
At El Huerto we are strongly committed to the conservation of the environment and to be good stewards to the natural resources that enable us to operate our business.
In Baja potable water Is often a scarce resource. In order to minimize the usage of our well water our farm’s irrigation is computer monitored to insure just the right amount of water is used. In addition, our building is equipped with a rainwater capture system and 100% of our kitchen grey water is used for landscape irrigation.
To lower our carbon footprint our restaurant roof has been outfitted with 70 450w solar panels that take full advantage of our lovely cabo sun.


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