Buying Gas for your car in Mexico

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How to go about buying Gas for your car in Mexico?

There are two types of Gasoline to buy in Mexico: Magna, regular and Premium. Slang is often used to order gasoline, Magna is referred to as Verde (green) and Premium is referred to as Rojo (red) because that is the color of the sign for that type of gas. To get a fill up, say lleno lo (“ye-no low”) or fill it. Gas stations in Mexico are full serve. If the attendant does something more than just pump gas, it is common to give a small tip such as 10 pesos. Be wary of paying in US dollars as the on the spot exchange rate may be unpleasant. Also, be wary of offering up $20 US bills as once in a while the attendant will turn around and say you gave him a $1 bill – especially if you are driving a rent-a-car. Recommended: Do not pay for gas with US dollars. Best to say the amount of the bill at the time it is handed over. Order in exact amounts rather than a fill up.

June 9, 2017