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    Is it Safe to Visit Cabo San Lucas

      Yes, it is Safe to Visit Cabo San Lucas Actually, without a doubt, lets start with the #1 killer of Americans: doing nothing, getting fat, or depressed. Then, dying of heart disease (#1killer in US).  We also now have a huge spike in suicides and drug overdoses. Whatever it is, it is still better […]

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    Pesos or Dollars – How to Pay in Cabo

    How to Pay in Cabo So, you are in a store or restaurant and you are asked “do you want to pay in pesos or dollars.” What to do? First make sure you have a credit card that does not charge any currency exchange fees. These include most premium cards and also Capital One. If […]

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    Asi y Asado Has a New Location!

    Looks like Asi y Asado is expanding! They have a brand spanking new location across from the Cabo San Lucas Walmart, next to the Carwash. Wow – with parking! Looks bigger and better. Real chairs, although I kind of liked the charm of the plastic ones. Old location across the Hwy from Costo is staying […]

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    Best Online Sellers in Mexico

    Our List of Best Online Sellers in Mexico Here is a list of companies that online ship in or into Mexico: Amazon Prime Anthropologie Costco-Mexico Endless JCPenney Newport-News Nordstrom Old Navy Saks SteveMadden Urban Outfitters

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    FMM Tourist Card Policies

    FMM Tourist Card Policies The FMM is a document issued by Mexico’s (Instituto Nacional de Migración, usually refereed to as a tourist card or tourist “visa to U.S., Canadian and other nationalities for vacation purposes. All non-citizen or non-resident visitors to Mexico are required to obtain an FMM, regardless of the destination and length of […]

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    Using Costco and Amazon Online in Cabo

    Did you know Amazon Prime delivers to your doorstep in Los Cabos?  Not for all products though.  Did you know you can buy from Costco online and pick up at the local Costco?  This trick is to use the Costco – Mexico website: There is a translation feature, so you can read it in English.